Business Direct

Reach Businesses in Your Area
With Our B2B Program!



Attract folks who work near your business
with a targeted, full-color postcard. 

Go Beyond Residential Marketing

There are dozens of businesses in your market  filled with hundreds of employees who are potential customers for your business!

With our B2B program, Business Direct, we can reach these folks working right down the street and attract them as customers!

For restaurants, Business Direct can be a great way to increase lunch and happy hour business or boost catering sales and capture corporate parties.

But, no matter what kind of establishment,  you can become a convenient alternative for that customer to take care of business near their place of work during the lunch hour or the way home.


How We Do It

Your My Custom Direct representative will consult with you to determine your goals for the program.   Using our expertise we will help you develop a strategy for which businesses to target and how to construct an effective mail piece.

Then using the filters you select for  company size and industry we will run a report to determine how many businesses there are within your geographic target area.


Then we’ll help you design a campaign by choosing a monthly mail quantity that fits within your budget and deciding how often you would like to mail each  business.

Finally, after you get started mailing, we will help you track the response and monitor the results to make sure we are achieving your goals and providing a good return for your marketing dollars spent.



  Services Include

  • Paid postage through the USPS
  • Full color printing front & back
  • Personalized with family’s name
  • Glossy front side coating
  • New mover mailing list license
  • Demographic selects
  • Precision mapping
  • Addressing