Anniversary Direct

A personalized, Happy Anniversary card 
with a sincere gift offer mailed to couples in your area each month.  

Why Anniversaries

Every month dozens of married couples in your community celebrate their wedding anniversary. It’s a special time of celebration that often involves a evening out to celebrate with dinner, gifts and maybe a special entertainment event.

Anniversary Direct is a great way to attract customers into your business when they are a generous spending mood.

How We Do It

Each month we will mail a colorful and personalized, Happy Anniversary card to all the couples in your area with a sincere gift offer to attract them into your business.

Our service is turn-key. We take care of everything - acquiring the anniversary list, printing, addressing, postage, and delivery to the US Postal Service.

Our Top Clients

  • Restaurants
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Gift Shops
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Events & Entertainment
  • Massage Therapists
  • Day Spas
  • Hair Salons
  • Florists
  • Travel Agents

Service Includes

  • Paid postage through the USPS
  • Full color printing front & back
  • Personalized with couple’s name
  • Glossy front side coating
  • Anniversary mailing list license
  • Demographic selects
  • Zip Code Selects
  • Addressing


Full Color Printing
State-of-the-art, full color printing projects the highest possible image for your business.

Each card is personalized with the couples name to grab attention:

                             "Happy Anniversary, Smiths!"

We'll help you develop a unique card design and look that reflect your business and brand. 

Large Format
Our 5.5” x 8.5”, oversized postcard stands out in the mail.



Sophisticated Tracking

Monitor results and build a valuable customer database with our Barcode Tracking System.


Because we reach a new audience each month, Anniversary Direct will produce consistent results month-after-month for years.


Low Maintenance

No need to continually redesign to keep it “fresh” since we are hitting a new audience each month.  Once you’re set up, it’s autopilot!



Zip Code Selects

Customize the geography of your target area by picking just the zip codes that are right for your business.



Can I get a report showing how many anniversaries there are in my area?

Absolutely, we will be happy to run a free demographic report for your area showing exactly how many anniversaries we have each month.


How are the Anniversary Direct cards delivered?

The cards are mailed through the US Postal Service so they reach the homes right around the first of the anniversary month.


Where do you get your list?

Our anniversary list is sourced from marriage licenses that are filed at local courthouses throughout the country.   No mailing list is perfect but we are proud of ours and take steps to ensure a high level of accuracy but scrubbing against divorce and deceased records.


Are there any filter options?

We only mail to couples 21 years old and up.  You can also choose an income select option of: All Incomes, $50k+ or $70k+.


What is the cost to get started?

There is a modest one-time setup fee which covers layout and design of your mail piece.  After that, we charge monthly  as you go based on a set rate for each card mailed.  We offer lots of flexibility  when it comes to picking your mail quantity and working within your budget.  Contact your representative for an exact quote.


Can you help design our mailer?

Absolutely, our art department will be glad to help you design your Anniversary Direct card.   We have plenty of stock art to take care of everything you’ll need or we can work with your supplied images.  We strive to give each piece a unique look that reflects your brand.


Is there a long-term contract or commitment involved?

No long-term contracts, you can participate month-to-month.  Stop any time you like.  We simply ask for a 30 day notice in the event you need to stop.


What is my monthly cost?

Your monthly cost will depend on how many anniversary cards you have us send each  month.  We can mail all the anniversaries within your specified zip codes area each month and your bill will vary from month to month.  Or you can cap the distribution at a set target number so you bill is consistent each month.  i.e. mail the closest 400 anniversaries each month.  Your representative will be happy to run a free demographic report for your area and discuss numbers and specific cost options.


Is there an additional cost to utilize the Barcode Tracking System?

There’s no extra cost to add our barcode tracking and it’s a great way to measure the results of the program and build a database for potential follow up marketing.